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Two Men Truck Find out more about the local moving company Movee Me in San Mateo, CA. We offer local, interstate, and long-distance movers all over the State. Call us now!

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“Very professional service with helpful email and telephone confirmations from the office. Robert, our moving man, was brilliant. He was timely, efficient, professional, kind, and polite.” – Zachary Lucas

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    Local Moving

    Moving is a big undertaking, whether you’re moving across town or the country. 

    But there’s no need to go it alone – Movee Me is here to help. 

    We’re a local moving company that offers a wide range of services, from quote online and customer service to driving time and junk removal service.

    We’re dedicated to making your move as smooth and stress-free as possible and are always happy to answer any questions. 

    So don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’ll be more than happy to get you started on your next big adventure.


    Long-Distance Moving

    We understand that long distance moving can be daunting. 

    That’s why we offer a full range of long-distance moving services to make your move as stress-free as possible. 

    Whether you’re moving across the State, our team of experienced movers will handle every aspect of your move, from packing and loading to transport and delivery.

    We even offer to unload and unpack services to ensure your belongings are safely and securely moved into your new home. 

    With Movee Me, you can rest assured that your long-distance move will be handled carefully and professionally. 

    truck is ready to move for long distance

    Commercial Moving

    Movee Me is a Commercial Moving company in San Mateo, California, offering full-service moving and junk removal services. 

    We have a team of experienced movers with the proper tools and equipment to move your business quickly and efficiently. 

    We also offer Junk Removal services to help you remove unwanted items before moving.

    We are a locally owned and operated company and pride ourselves on customer service. 

    We aim to make your move as stress-free as possible and will work with you to ensure that all of your needs are met. 

    movers handling a box in the truck

    Packing Service

    Packing up your belongings and moving to a new home can be difficult, but with the help of Movee Me, it doesn’t have to be. 

    We are a professional moving company based in San Mateo, California, offering packing services to make your move as stress-free as possible. 

    We will send two men in a truck to your home to carefully pack up all your belongings, using high-quality packing supplies to ensure everything arrives safely at your new home.

    We have years of experience in the moving industry, and our team of professional movers will ensure your move goes smoothly. 

    packing service kitchen supplies inside the boxes

    Delivery Service

    Movee Me is a moving company in San Mateo, California, that Delivery Services

    We are DOT licensed and carry workers’ compensation insurance. Our Delivery Services include food delivery, furniture delivery, and more. 

    We have an hourly rate and do not charge for travel time or fuel. We are professional, courteous, and efficient. 

    We will work hard to make your move stress-free. Contact us today for a free quote!

    man showing some muscles during the delivery service


    Movee Me rates for two men in a truck?

    two men truck working in a local move

    So you’re finally making the big move. Congratulations! Even if you’re moving across town, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to getting your belongings from one place to the next. 

    And if you’re moving to a new city or State, there’s even more to consider. 

    When planning a move, one of the first questions is, “How much will it cost to hire help?”

    The answer, of course, is that it depends. This blog post discusses key factors impacting how much you’ll pay for professional movers.

    The first thing to consider is whether you’re moving locally or long distance. Local moves are typically charged by the hour, while flat rates charge long-distance moves. 

    If you have a lot of heavy furniture or appliances, a long-distance move could be more expensive than a local move.

    Another factor that will impact the cost of hiring help for your move is how much stuff you have. 

    If you only have a few pieces of furniture and boxes of clothes, you won’t need as much time or workforce as someone with a houseful of furniture and belongings.

    The time of year can also affect rates. Moving companies tend to be busiest during the summer when families with school-age children are looking to relocate before the new school year begins. 

    As a result, rates tend to be higher during the summer. Try to schedule your move for another time of year when rates are lower.

    When it comes to hiring help for your move, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how much it will cost. 

    Rates vary depending on whether you’re moving locally or long distance, how much stuff you have, and even the time of year. 

    By considering all of these factors in advance, you can better understand what to expect when budgeting for your big move.

    Do you tip two guys and a truck?


    Deciding whether to tip two guys and a truck depends on the service you’ve received.

    It doesn’t matter if the truck was used for local moves or long distances; you should still evaluate the work of your truckers.

    Did they adequately move your truck locations?

    Did they manage their truck franchise efficiently? 

    Did they carry out your local moves with care?

    Tipping two guys and a truck can be customary, much like leaving a gratuity in a restaurant.

    It’s an expression of appreciation for a job well done. 

    If you were delighted with your moving truck crew’s performance, offering some gesture is polite.

    However, it could be as simple as inviting them in for a cold drink since they’re likely working under sweltering conditions on any given day.

    Moving Supplies and Boxes

    moving supplies when moving

    At Movee Me we’ve got you covered when moving supplies and boxes. 

    Moving can be a big task, so we offer many different box sizes to fit all your stuff. Whether you have delicate items or large belongings, we’ve got the right box for you. 

    We also provide top-notch packing materials like tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and covers to keep your things safe and secure during the move. 

    Oh, and guess what? We sometimes have special offers or discounts on our moving supplies, so keep an eye out for those! You can buy or rent our supplies, whichever works best for you. 

    We’re here to make your move easy and affordable.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Two Men and a Truck in San Mateo, CA, provides professional moving services, including local and long-distance moves, packing and unpacking assistance, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and transportation of fragile items.

    To request a quote, you can visit the Two Men and a Truck website for San Mateo, CA, and fill out their online quote form or contact their customer service directly via phone or email.

    Yes, all movers from Two Men and a Truck in San Mateo, CA, are fully licensed and insured to ensure the safety of your belongings during the moving process.

    Yes, Two Men and a Truck in San Mateo, CA, is experienced in handling specialty items like pianos, antiques, and valuable possessions. They have the expertise and equipment to transport these items safely.

    Two Men and a Truck can provide packing supplies such as boxes, tape, and packing materials for an additional fee. You can discuss your packing needs with them during the booking process.

     It is recommended to schedule your move with Two Men and a Truck as early as possible to secure your preferred moving date. Contact them at least a few weeks in advance, especially during peak moving seasons.

    Yes, Two Men and a Truck in San Mateo, CA, offers moving services for both residential and commercial clients. They can accommodate moves of various sizes and complexities.

    Two Men and a Truck may have additional charges for services like packing, storage, or handling specialty items. It’s important to discuss any potential extra fees during the quote and booking process.

    Two Men and a Truck takes various precautions to ensure the safety of your belongings, including utilizing proper packing techniques, securing items in the truck, and providing trained and background-checked movers.

    In the unlikely event of damages or issues during the move, Two Men and a Truck in San Mateo, CA, has a claims process in place. Contact their customer service to report any problems and they will assist you accordingly.

    List of Nearby Cities and Zip code

    Our local moving services cover the following nearby cities to facilitate your local move. However, if you do not find your city in the list, there is no need to worry as we provide moving services to all cities in the Bay Area.

    • Palo Alto
    • San Jose
    • Mountain View
    • Sunnyvale
    • Santa Clara
    • Menlo Park
    • San Mateo
    • Redwood City
    • Fremont
    • Oakland
    • Cupertino
    • Pleasanton
    • Campbell
    • Los Altos
    • Burlingame
    • Milpitas
    • Emeryville
    • Los Gatos
    • South San Francisco
    • San Ramon


    • San Carlos
    • Foster City
    • San Rafael
    • San Bruno
    • Walnut Creek
    • Santa Cruz
    • Hayward
    • Alameda
    • Sausalito
    • Santa Rosa
    • Mill Valley
    • Redwood Shores
    • Newark
    • Petaluma
    • Saratoga
    • Livermore
    • Stanford
    • Concord
    • Novato
    • Belmont

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