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San Mateo is a lovely city in San Mateo County, California.

Also known as a center of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tech, healthcare, and education are a few of the city’s top economic generators.

San Mateo, CA belongs to Mediterranean Climate with warm, dry summers and mild, damp winters.

According to National Weather Service January is the coolest month, and September is the warmest month.

an overlooking bridge in san mateo california

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    Is This Your First Time Moving?

    a woman thinking a plan

    Here's What You Need To Do.

    1. Create a mind mapping plan.

    Moving from one place to another is not easy, but having a concrete plan on what you will do first helps you to minimize your stress and anxiety.

    2. Remove unused or unnecessary items.

    Packing your stuff can be overwhelming. First, look at each part of your house, like the kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. 

    Split the necessary and unused items, so you can pack less, move less and make a fresh start in your new home.

    What should you do with the unused items that are useful?

    You have an option to sell it online on Facebook, eBay, and other platforms. 

    Make a listing like a move-out sale, or you can donate it to your neighbor. 

    You can hire us to donate it or We can dump it for you. It’s your call on how to remove those stuff.

    3. Secure Documents, either Hard copy or Digital.

    A lot of us easily forget things. It’s very annoying that you can’t find essential documents in the most needed time. Get a folder and start collecting valuable documents. (contract, receipt, etc). You know where to find it when you need it, easy peasy! The same thing to digital records, Grab a USB to store data. The other option is to upload files to your dropbox.

    4. Book ahead of time to moving company San Mateo.

    Going back to number 1, when you have a mind mapping, you will not miss booking ahead of time cause it’s on your list. Research the company’s background and reviews and ask if they are licensed and insured. You can ask them to send a proof to ensure you are safe during the move. In any situation, booking ahead of time is a good practice.

    5. Examine your new home.

    After booking, you must look at your new home to figure out where the San Mateo movers park their trucks. How about the traffic going there? If the new apartment has a service elevator, they use it. Don’t miss out on essential things to consider.These are the top 5 moving tips you need to know. I hope this might help you to move to your lovely place.


    For Local Moving, our price range is between $155 – $175/ hour for 2 movers and a minimum of 3 hours.

    Long-Distance Moving We charge a flat rate depending on where exactly you are moving.

    mover carefully wrapping the furniture

    Why is this so expensive?

    Moving is a lot of work. The fact that it involved physical activities. Not only are you paying for the labor, but also you are paying for the skills and experience. If you don’t want to spend a high price. Another option is not to move with heavy items like appliances and furniture. Go back on the moving tips number 2, you can sell it online for fewer items to move faster.

    Now, you are in San Mateo, California. Everything is settled down; it's time to explore!

    1. Japanese Garden

    The Japanese Garden is located at 50 E 5th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401, United States. If you are near this place, don’t miss out on seeing this lovely Garden, this is the most beautiful Garden in California. It was built by Nagao Sakurai, the landscape architect of the Tokyo Imperial palace. He also made a famous Garden in San Francisco, Washington, and other states.

    beautiful japanese garden with statue castle and bridge

    2. Sawyer Camp Trail

    The most popular recreation paths in the Bay Area. Perfect for everyone, on ordinary days, you may see a lot of cyclists and groups of people jogging in the area. Lovely and Gorgeous on both sunny and rainy days. Weekends as expected, are the most crowded.

    sawyer camp trail showing lake and trees

    3. Downtown San Mateo

    The downtown area is best for eating, drinking, and shopping. The city’s central business district is between Delaware Avenue and El Camino Real. You can see a lot of historic buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, and movie theaters—a lot to discover.

    downtown area in san mateo womens walking and talking

    4. Hillsdale Shopping Center

    If shopping is your hobby, Hillsdale is for you. You can find Macy’s and Nordstrom and other popular store. This is one stop shop: Dining and Entertainment are also available. Bring energy when you go here!

    hillsdale shopping center showing fountain and stores

    5. Coyote Point Recreation Area

    Coyote Point is another good place for family; you can do picnicking, swimming, jogging, boating, and other fun stuff. If your kids are animal lovers, you should visit Curio Odyssey. It is a science playground and zoo where they can see the animals closer.(San Mateo Park)

    coyote point recreation area aerial shots showing trees and houses

    Living in San Mateo, California, is definitely worth living. It is one of the active communities that surely you will indeed love. You can see many destinations in San Mateo, perfect for relaxation and leisure.

    Reasons to Move to San Mateo, CA

    San Mateo has many advantages, making it a great place to live and work. It is in the San Francisco Bay Area, with easy access to major employers, entertainment spots, and affordable housing options.

    hayward bridge showing sea and houses

    San Mateo also boasts top-notch movers specializing in local moves like us, Movee Me. We can remove all the stress and hassle of moving your home or office, ensuring quick and efficient service that is fully licensed and insured.

    There are a lot of reasons to move to San Mateo. A city blessed with beauty, culture, and amenities worth exploring – so if you are looking for a place to settle down, San Mateo should be at the top of your list!

    San Jose, CA

    San Jose is a nearby City of San Mateo, CA located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. Deciding to relocate moving away from the state or looking to move within the state of California,it has something to offer everyone.

    san jose area showing condo and palm tree

    Silicon Valley and other places like San Mateo are conveniently accessible to people who live and work in San Jose.

    If you are thinking to hire movers, there are a lot of great and reliable movers in the area that offers competitive prices with excellent service.

    Transportation is not a problem in the area it has very convenient ways to make your life easy and save time also many job opportunities.

    No doubt, San Jose is becoming a massively popular destination for those looking for a nearby city with plenty of modern amenities.

    College Park Elementary School

    County San Mateo is home to many high-performing schools, and College Park Elementary School in San Mateo is one of them.

    Located near College Park Shopping Center, College Park Elementary School moved to San Mateo in 2018. Students at this school receive superior instruction thanks to its highly qualified faculty.

    website of college park elementary showing kids in the background

    Their emphasis on student readiness and school culture allows the students to reach their highest potential. Parents can rest assured knowing that their children learn in an environment that emphasizes hard work and collaboration while fostering character development and lifelong learning skills.

    With solid academic programming and individualized guidance, San Mateo parents entrust their kids’ education with College Park Elementary School’s reliable care.

    San Francisco International Airport

    San Francisco International Airport (SFO) – 13 miles away if you are coming from south of San Francisco ( a City in San Mateo County, California, United States) and according to Google if you are traveling from San Mateo to SFO it takes only for 11mins it is very near, no reasons to be late!

    exterior shots of san francisco international airport

    SFO offers back-and-forth flight routes to cities across the globe. Travelers from other cities can visit far-off places with the help of the amazing development of San Francisco’s economy.

    Thinking about how to get to the airport?

    BART and CALTRAIN systems provide connectivity to the airport that is easy to access. Tourists can visit San Francisco’s bustling downtown area.

    a man having a background of caltrain logo
    SFO a man entering inside the train

    San Francisco International Airport (SFO) contributes significantly to San Francisco’s economy by providing accessible and simple access to various locations.


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