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Moving tips to save time and energy.

San Mateo movers will make your life easy, you can save time and energy. 

Hiring trusted movers can take your stress out in Google search, business directory and online marketplace. 

It’s easy to find a moving company that offers Full-Service Moving.

Mainly the Moving companies pay by hours, like a minimum of 2-3 hours. 

We strongly advise that you start with the service you need and then add other services that fit your needs and schedule ahead of time.


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    couple having a hardtime to move furnitures

    Moving can be stressful and you may feel anxious because you don’t know where to start packing and where to find trusted movers in San Mateo. 

    There are many ways to hire a moving company that will suit your budget and needs. 

    Checking MGB (My google business) reviews play a big role in hiring San Mateo movers.

    In our previous blog titled Moving to San Mateo in 1 week, we write about what you need to do when 1st time moving. 

    Also, there are Low-Income Moving Assistance Programs and Resources in your local area.

    We will discuss that also in this blog. A lot of related topics might help you in moving. 

    As you read this blog, I guess you are excited to learn more about moving. 

    We are a moving company not only offering our services, but we also educate our customers so that we can help you enrich your ideas. 

    The next time you move, it could be easy for you and less stressful.

    5 Things to know about the Full-service San Mateo movers.

    1. Moving supplies

    Hiring a moving company with full service will include moving supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, packaging tape, and paper.

    2. Packing and unpacking

    Packing is one of the challenging parts when moving. Movers San Mateo are trained to pack and unpack things to ensure your belonging are secure and safe.

    3. Furniture - disassemble/reassemble

    One of the questions in our head. Are movers going to disassemble the heavy furniture or do we need to do that on our own? Short answer is Yes. 

    San Mateo Movers are responsible for the disassembly of large and heavy furniture that’s part of the full-service movers.

    4. Truck loading and unloading

    After packing your things, movers will load the moving truck no matter how heavy. When you arrive at your destination, they’ll also unload the truck.

    2 movers moving boxes and furniture

    5. Disposal of waste packing materials.

    Not surprisingly, this is part of full-service moving.

    They’ll dispose of dozens of waste materials from moving like cardboard boxes, plastic wrap etc. 

    Let them handle it and they will dispose of it properly.

    5 Ways to prepare for the movers to arrive

    2 handsome movers wearing a big smile having a ref and furniture in the background

    1. Labeling

    Let’s say you already pack your things in boxes. To make it easy and convenient for both parties, you label your boxes to determine whether what’s inside if it’s fragile or not.

    2. Round-robin

    To ensure you haven’t missed something, you go around the house and check every room to see if there’s stuff you hesitate to leave. You decide what you are going to do. Keep it or Leave it!

    3. Back up your files – (Digital Documents)

    Losing important documents during the move can cause so much stress. Since your electronic devices will be transported like your laptop and computer there might be possible when you arrive at your destination. 

    Your PC will not work properly; it needs to be fixed. You don’t have to worry if you have backup documents on your hard drive or online storage.

    4. Secure your Personal Belongings

    When you are taking your flight for vacation, your valuable items are always in a hand carry. It’s the same thing when you move into a different location. 

    Always set aside your money, jewelry, expensive electronic device, and even medicine if you have to take it for a particular time.

    5. San Mateo Movers Briefing

    The relationship between customers and movers is important; it’s just like you are working as a team. 

    You have to inform movers about things to remember during the move. 

    They can give you some advice on what things are supposed to be done.

    Should I call my friend to ask for help with moving?


    It can lower the expenses when moving, and getting help from your friends and family is a huge amount to save. 

    When you have a family with small kids and pets, you have someone to ask to look after them. 

    After hours, you can still get your friend’s help without paying them.


    When you hire pro movers San Mateo, you have a time agreement on when to start, but when you ask your friend for help, you have to wait for them.

    It may cause some delays and be time-consuming.

    Your friends are not insured or licensed to move if you have heavy and valuable items; if they accidentally damage them, no one is liable to cover the losses. 

    A high percentage of injuries is when they help you to move a heavy and bulky coach. Professional movers are trained and use their body techniques to move quickly and safely.

    5 Ways to save money when moving.

    1. Removed unused items

    The more things you move, the more expensive because moving will slow because there’s lots of stuff to load in the moving truck. 

    The best decision is to donate in your community, sell it online for a moving-out sale, or dumb it.

    2. Move–Off Season

    Some companies have a different rate during weekends, holidays and months that are busiest. 

    You have to plan ahead of time what days and months you should go to move. 

    You have to consider the months that are not season to move because companies lower their rates.

    dollar amount with words save your money

    3. Look for discounts

    Some marketing strategy of the companies has a discount that they offer, like holiday discounts, senior citizen discounts, etc. 

    You can save money when you have a good eye to see that discount.

    4. Time

    Look for the time you think is not traffic; where are you heading. Like when you start early, you may finish earlier. 

    You still have time to rest in your new home.

    5. Check Google reviews

    You may see from the reviews of their customers if the movers are fast to move or a bit slow. 

    We all know that slow mover’s more money to them. You can sense if the reviews are legit or fake.

    5 Things not to pack when moving.

    It’s always better to be knowledgeable when moving either local or long distance. 

    When moving, there are many things to consider, like hiring a moving company, what services are offered, truck rental, moving rates, how many San Mateo movers you need, and many more.

    Have you crossed your mind what are the things not to pack when moving?

    Remember in moving: “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. Full service moving company takes care of you when moving and ensures you and your family are safe for the entire trip.

    warning signs

    1. Flammable items

    Number one on the list is Lighter Fluid is the most dangerous things to avoid when moving, like butane that you’ve used in cigarette lighters and portable stoves maybe you use when hiking. 

    It is highly flammable that can cause a fire. Remember, the back of the moving truck is hot and could burn or explode. We hope this will not happen.

    2. Communication - Ammo

    The Ammo should not be in the back of the truck because when it gets hot, the trouble starts. 

    Mostly of moving company offers a Gun- Safe moving that includes ammunition. 

    They are professional San Mateo movers who are knowledgeable in transporting guns and Ammo.

    3. Car batteries - (Damaged or not)

    Car Batteries are not appropriate to put in the back of the truck. The batteries may be leaking due to several reasons. In this case, when the temperature fluctuates in the moving truck the case of the battery will expand and contract, and the acid will start leaking.

    If you have a damaged or bad battery, you may visit the service center and have it replaced but still not allowed in the back of the truck.

    4. Valuable Items

    We always panic when we can’t find valuable items we need it. Avoid putting in the boxes your Cash, Jewelly, Deeds, last will and many more. 

    Those things are not huge and heavy; get a bag that fits your item’s size and carry it with you during the travel. 

    The other option is to rent a storage unit near where you move; it is safe and secure.

    5. Household Cleaners

    Some of us love to save things that we can still use like the remaining household cleaners; on the list of items above, it’s the same. 

    It is unsafe to put it in the back of the truck because the temperature will be very high during the travel. 

    When household cleaners are mixed with other chemicals, it might be very harmful to humans and animal worst-case scenario can create fires that everyone doesn’t want to happen.

    There are many things not to pack when moving, but we listed only the top 5 items to remember during the move. 4 out of 5 listed above are poisonous and explosive when combined with another chemical.

    A good rule of thumb is “Its better to be safe then sorry.

    I don’t have money. Where can I get help with moving?

    couple showing that they dont have enough money

    In our lives, we experience at our low levels. We need money and help, but no one is there for us. Kept in mind, It’s not the end of the world; there’s always hope in this world. Every state has a non-profit organization to help with moving or even a community in your local area.

    5 Companies to reach out to get help with moving.

    1. Modest Needs

    Modest Nest is a non-profit organization to help by providing an individual or families with short-term financial assistance in the most needed times. 

    They started helping way back in 2002 those who work but are above the poverty level. 

    If you need this service, you need to apply to their website because there are qualifications that they are considering. 

    Once you grant your application with absolutely no strings attached, it’s a great help. Grant types and Eligibility Guidelines.

    Modest needs org homepage showing a mother and a child

    2. Catholic Charities USA

    There is so many Catholic Charity in San Mateo, California. They have offered different charity works, including financial programs and moving assistance for low-income earners. 

    You can find the available Catholic Charity in your local area

    catholic charities usa homepage showing a mother and a child

    3. YWCA

    YWCA – is the largest women’s organization with its mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities. 

    The organization offers financial moving assistance for low-income individual who struggles in their lives. 

    If you like this organization, don’t wait for anything; locate the nearest YWA organization in your area.

    ywca homepage showing a group of women standing and seating wearing a big smile

    4. Salvation Army

    Another non-profit organization gives short-term financial resources and a housing Now Program for those who need help in these trying times. 

    Salvation Army stated on their website, “Securing permanent housing is the first step to regaining self-sufficiency for struggling families.”

    Search what’s nearest location to you.

    home page of salvation army with a man holding a small cup

    5. Rural Housing Service

    Rural Housing Service offers a several programs, including relocation loans for single individuals and families in rural areas. 

    Also, technical assistance loans and grants in partnership with non-profit organizations. Please find your local service center.

    website homepage of Rural housing service with 2 women smiling

    We handled a lot of customers who were first-timer to move. We create this blog post to help everyone to prepare for the move. 

    We always put a smile on our customer’s faces. We received tons of positive feedback, and we will continue giving exceptional service that everyone needs. 

    If you are planning to move this month or the following month. Please let us know! We can provide you a quote and book at your convenience.

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